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From time to time as an organization, we stop to reflect on our accomplishments, and to recognize our members that have made significant contributions to the Potomac Curling Club. Our record show that the following curlers, among many others, have made significant contributions to the PCC.

Mathews C. Waddell Distinguished Curler Award
Presented to a member in recognition of his or her ongoing dedicated service to the Potomac Curling Club.
1992: Mathews Waddell
1993: Heather Schreiber
1994: Dave Thompson and Carol White
1995: Duane Rutan
1996: Sarah Jo Pelletier
1997: Ordell Olson and Edmund White
1998: Roman Novak
1999: Doug and Anne Paula Thompson
2000: John Bittner and Bob Pelletier
2001: Jay Davies
2002: Wayne Caskey and Deb Farace
2003: Harvey Chalmers
2004: Tim Harwood
2005: Barry Nichols
2006: Neil Christenson
2007: Charlie Jennings
2008: Michael Fry
2009: Ken Wray
2010: Virginia Chalmers and Dominique Banville
2011: George Shirk
2012: Howard Griffin

Spirit of Curling Award
Presented to a member in recognition of the Spirit of Curling in that individual who, in his or her first year of curling has exhibited outstanding qualities of enthusiasm, sportsmanship and dedication to the club. Endowed with the spirit of the true curler, he or she exemplifies the finest tradition of the roaring game.
1995: Cindy Eurich and David Sliom
1996: Neil Christenson and Linda Murphy
1997: Michael Fry
1998: Ed Meade and Clements Onukwubiri
1999: Peter Isaacs and Kate Kruckemeyer
2000: Dominique Banville
2001: Stephen Burrows and Jeremy Singer
2002: Ron Aubin and FL Ettlin
2003: Doug, Lisa, Lizzie and Becky Andrew
2004: Caitlin Shaw and Paul Trimbur
2005: Heather Cook and John Warshawsky
2006: Pam Martin
2007: Scott Correia and Sherri Fillingham
2008: Van Anderson
2009: Pete Morelewicz
2010: Irwin Freed
2011: Team Spartacus (Kyle Buckles, Mark Lawrence, Jeff Lee, Stephen Enochson, Greg Traub, and Kim Belf)
2012: Paige Roberts

Potomac Ambassador Award
Presented to a member in recognition of the Spirit of Curling in that individual who has exhibited outstanding qualities of enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and good citizenship, thereby being a positive representative and ambassador of the club.
2010: Howard Griffin
2011: FL Ettlin
2012: Kim Belf

Volunteer of the Year
Presented to a member who has demonstrated, through the significant contributions of time, talent and effort, a powerful commitment to the continuing improvement of the Potomac Curling Club and by his or her efforts has helped deliver a high quality experience to its members and guests.
2005: Doug Andrew and Scott Edie
2006: Howard Griffin and Ken Wray
2007: Virginia Chalmers
2008: George Shirk and Lisa Andrew
2009: Bob Leonard
2010: Rachel and Lee Vanarsdall
2011: Susan Armiger
2012: Ken Wray

Curler of the Year
Presented to a member (or members or team) who is a role model to other members by displaying a dedication to the sport of curling as evidenced by outstanding on-ice achievement and/or exceptional improvement in on-ice curling skills, as well as consistent on and off-ice good sportsmanship.
2005: Derek Surka
2006: Tanya Jacobsen
2007: Charrissa Lin
2008: Rachel Sethi
2009: Faircloth Rink (Chris Faircloth, Michael Fry, Ron Aubin, Michael Campbell)
2010: Sean Murray
2011: Scott Edie
2012: Becca Erickson

Junior Curler of the Year
Presented to the junior curler(s) that demonstrated outstanding curling skills, exceptional improvement, or superior training ability. Sportsmanship and volunteerism will also be considerations.
2007: Becky Andrew
2008: Alexx Macedo
2009: Becky Vanarsdall
2010: Ryan McMakin
2011: Jeff Vanarsdall
2012: Hunter and Caleb Clawson


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