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Potomac Curling Club

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    Site Map This page, enough said
    Tax Exempt Information The IRS code page, PCC is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization
    By Request Whatever the webmaster can't classify, goes here
About Curling  
    What is Curling? The 50,000 foot view
    How to try Curling Come and join us, give it a try
    Basics of Curling The 25,000 foot view
         Sweeping Why do we sweep? distance and curl, of course.
         Scoreboard101 How to read our (admittedly confusing) scoreboard
         Skins Format Scoring There is always a plan "B". Here's an alternate method of scoring.
    History of Curling Five hundred years old and counting
    Spirit of Curling It's a courteous sport
    Curling Courtesy It also keeps the game moving
    Required Equipment Not much needed here
         Make a stabilizer How to build your own stabilzer bar
    Curling Safety Don't slip and fall
    Curling Rules Links to USCA rules
         Mixed Doubles One male and one female curler per team
         WCF Rules of Play A .pdf file copied from the World Curling Federation
         Nuclear Curling Localy developed game by Brian Galebach
    Curling Books and videos Books about curling, links to some educational (and YouTube) videos
    Curling Links Links to other local clubs and our national organization
    Glossary Common Curling Terms Defined
    Countdown game timer Written for Chesapeake, available here for free
Our Club  
    About our club Info about our club, organization, etc.
    Membership Join the Potomac Curling Club
    Club Organization Officers and board members
    Recognition Awards for our distinguished curlers
    History A short history (40+ years) of the PCC
         Past Presidents Folks that have served as president of the PCC
         Eight Enders The ultimate score - eight in a single end
         Minutes Meeting Minutes - our Board of Directors monthly meetings
         Flags We decorate our ice shed with flags
         Logos Need to include one of our designs on a flyer?
         Pins The history of our club pins
    Communications Newsletters
         Mailing Lists Join (or leave) our mailing lists
         Spanner Banner Back issues of our newsletter, now replaced by email and the web
         Misc. Newsletters Occasional newsletter, sometimes even weekly
    MACA Mid Atlantic Curling Association
    Curling Supplies Where to get the necessary supplies
    Forms What's a club without forms?
    Nomination Process From January through April, we consider our upcoming elections for Board of Directors and nominations for recognition awards
    Training Yes, we can teach you to curl
    Open House Twice per season, October and February, we hold an Open House
    Volunteers Volunteer opportunities for many PCC activities
    Privacy Policy No tracking, no cookies, no spam from us
Bonspiels & Events Events, winners, draws, perpetual bragging rights
    About our Leagues All on one page
    Mens League (Mon) Women welcome as substitute curlers
    Women's league (Tue) Men welcome as substitute curlers
    The Capital League (Wed) Competitive league - join as a team
    Mixed / Open (Thu) New for 2010-2011, join as a team or as individuals
    TGIF League (Fri) Celebrate the end of the work week on the ice
    Afternoon League (Sat) Saturday Afternoon (Teams formed on-the-fly)
    Youth Program (Sun) Two leagues, Middle Rockers (younger) and Juniors (teen+)
    Pizza League (Sun) Buy the slice, between draws
    Curling Programs Less formal, drop in programs
         Breakfast Extravaganza (Sat) Eat breakfast? Curl? what's better than that?
         Matinee League (Tuesday) Early birds, start at 5:00 pm
         Matinee League (Friday) Early birds, start at 5:00 pm
         Daytime curling (Wed) Daytime League, usually on Wednesdays
         Ladder league, team or singles Advance and retreat a game at a time, no specific day
    Results Sometimes updated, often not
    Annual Results Summary League Winners and other Notable Notables since 2005
    Annual Calendar Summary Year at a glance plus pdf page to post on your cubicle wall
    Web calendar Month at a glance
         Weekly Schedule A day by day blow, complete with scheduled times
    Reserve Practice Ice Reserve your Practice Ice here
    Reservation for an event Reserve your spot for a drop-in or event
Photo Gallery A few Thousand pictures spanning nine years and growing.
    Other Photos Links to more pictures of PCC on other sites, such as Picasa
    How to Contact Us E-mail our members and/or committees
    Directions & Map Where to find us
    Rent Our Facility All of our rental opportunities for 2011-12 have been booked
    Sponsors & Advertising Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities
    Local Accommodations A few locations to stay for Bonspiels
    Local Dining Where to eat, if you MUST get away from the NCCC
    Tourism Information After you curl, there's lots to do in Washington

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