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Sunday Night Team Entry - Discontinued

Sunday Night OPEN Team League

This league is no longer active. 

Your coordinators, Nick Datlowe and Laura Yee, welcome you to the second half of the 2017-18 season, and are looking forward to some excellent curling this season!

Some notes:

1.  The schedule for the first 10 weeks (the double round-robin) is posted.  We will be using sheets A-C for our games (Pizza League's spillover game will always be on Sheet D).  Ice and Closing Duties will be communicated in the weekly e-mail, once they are assigned.

2.  We have 11 Game Dates this half of the season.  The first 10 are the round robin as scheduled.  Week 11 will be the final playoff week, where the first place team plays the 2nd, 3rd plays 4th, and 5th plays 6th.  That schedule will be communicated following the last round robin game.

3.  At this time, we do NOT have a waiting list of players, so if you want a 5th for your team, feel free to recruit them and let us know when you do so.

4.  Conditions of play are outlined in great detail on the "Member Info" page for the league.  But, to answer the most common questions:

      - Games are clocked.   100 Minutes after the games begin (usually 8:55PM), you finish the end you are on and play one more.  This is intended to allow games to complete all 8 ends comfortably.  If you keep to approximately 15 minutes an end, you will be fine on the clock.

      - Tie games are decided by an extra end.  This is NOT clocked, but please play expeditiously.  If the extra end is blanked, button draw determines the winner

      - SPARES:  Spares may not make up the majority of a team during a match.  For example, a four person team may not have more than two spares and a three person team may not have more than one spare.  A spare may skip but may not throw last rocks.  

5.  NEW THIS YEAR: SKIPS - REPORT YOUR SCORES ON THE WEBSITE.  We are not yet 100% sure how this works exactly (there will be an e-mail), but the WINNING Skip of every game is responsible for logging into the website and reporting the score (just win/loss, we don't need the exact score).   You can delegate this to someone else if you need, but you are responsible for claiming your wins.

6.  PIZZA!  As per tradition, our league shares with the Pizza League's Pizza.  You are welcome to partake before the game, or pay for and take some slices and store them in the fridge (or wherever) for after game consumption.  


Good Luck and Good Curling! 


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