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Tuesday Matinee

Tuesday Matinee is drop-in curling. We generally try to play 4-on-4 games, but based on the number of participants and their interest, we can play 4-on-3, 3-on-3, doubles, and/or singles. There is often an opportunity for throwing (practicing) on a side sheet, but this subject to ice availability. We like to have at most three (preferably two) players practicing on a sheet, so sometimes practice is not possible for everybody, due to numbers. Usually it is not possible to throw on a sheet by yourself. Tuesday Matinee is generally about group play (or group practice). Last couple months of Spring 2016, we were getting generally 14-20 players each week, but with spikes at 28, 29, and 30, nearly our limit (32), so sign up each week as soon as you know you can come.

Tuesday Matinee is open to all members. You did NOT need to indicate interest in Tuesday Matinee during 2016-17 registration to play, so please come out and check us out! If you have a bonspiel coming up, come out to play a practice game as a team.

Tuesday Matinee is great for new or less experienced curlers, because there are no set teams and no standings. If you need to work on your game, this is perfect for you. If we lose today, we get a free beer, and next week no one remembers. While we try our best, having fun and improving your game are as much or more important than winning the game. There is plenty of on-ice humor, and you are as likely to get advice from an opponent as from a teammate. You can work on elements of your game or experiment with your delivery in ways that you may not feel comfortable with during a league game. It is a good way to improve your game, to learn what works for you and what doesn't. We also have accumulated a collection of drills to help with your game if you happen to get a practice sheet. Working through these drills, together with fellow curlers, both new and more experienced, help to make practice more fun and productive.

Please sign up in advance (by 3:45) each week, so we know how many sheets to prepare. Let the League Coordinator (Scott) know if you cannot sign up. We try to sort out teams and sheets at 5:00 sharp. Try to arrive and be ready to play by 5:00, or let the coordinator  know if you will be late. Email, call, or text: my email and mobile number are on the Member Info and Roster tabs. Often we can save a "hole" for you on a three-person team that you can slot into when you arrive (even routinely, if you can pretty much never make it until 5:10 or 5:15), but we have to know you are coming.

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