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How to Try Curling


If you have never curled before, and that includes most people, we have a myriad of opportunities for you.

  1. Saturday Morning Breakfast Extravaganza - 2019-20 Dates: Many!
  2. "Try Curling" Open House - 2019-20 Dates: Nov 16th & Feb 29th
  3. Learn to Curl Programs - 2019-20 Dates: Sep 24th, Sep 26th, Sep 28th, Nov 30th & Jan 11th
  4. Youth Drop-in - 2019-20 Dates: Oct 20th, Jan 12th
  5. Rent Our Ice

Saturday Morning Breakfast Extravaganza

Our Saturday Morning Breakfast Extravaganza is a fun way to learn about curling. You will spend about an hour learning the basics, then have breakfast, and then play a game with other new curlers and experienced club members to help you along. Advance registration is required, as we have only twelve non-member slots for each Extravaganza and it is not offered every Saturday (it sometimes gets pre-empted by other club events). Registration opens at 8 pm Wednesday evening ten days before the Saturday we play. Please see the Saturday Morning Breakfast Extravaganza page for more details and to register.

2019-20 Dates: Sep 28, Oct 5, Oct 19, Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 30, Dec 14, Dec 21, Jan 11, Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, Mar 21, Apr 4, Apr 11, Apr 18

“Try Curling” Open House


Attend one of our Open Houses and impress your friends with your curling knowledge. You will learn the essentials of curling: terminology, delivery, sweeping, and scoring with an opportunity to throw a few stones the length of the ice. This basic instruction lasts about 1 hour and offers a good overview of what curling is all about. Cost is $10 per person. We welcome all individuals including children down to the age of 5. All guests must sign a waiver before heading out onto the ice. These are traditionally held once in October / November and once in February / March. Registration is required

2019-20 Dates: November 16th & February 29th

Learn to Curl Programs

The most serious approach, but still lots of fun, is our “Learn to Curl” program, a three hour training session. We typically hold these programs twice per season, in October and February.

The program is designed for people who would like to get more than just a taste of the game. The program focuses on more individualized instruction than a drop in session or Open House.  We provide an overview of the sport and detailed instruction lasting about 75 minutes before we divide into teams to play a short game   If you would like to start to curl on a regular basis, this is the best place to start. Each session is 3 hours and costs $60 payable by PayPal, credit card or check.  Dress warmly and wear clean, soft soled shoes or sneakers.

2019-20 Dates: September 24, September 26, September 28, November 30 & January 11

Youth Drop-in Opportunities

For those under aged 21 who would like to try curling, we do offer drop-in opportunities to our Youth programs held on select Sunday afternoons. The Youth program time depends on the curler's age and ability to throw the stone the full length of the ice sheet. Please visit our Youth Program pages (Middle Rockers | Juniors) for more information.

2019-20 Dates: October 20, January 12

Rent Our Club

Have a group of 16 or more people who want to try curling?  Please learn more about how to rent our club, get personalized instruction, and use of our warm room facilities.

Hooked on Curling?

After you have given it a try, we hope you’ll want to join. As a brand new curler, you can join for one half of a season for less than you might think. To encourage new curlers, you are entitled to a significant membership discount. Please see our Membership Page for more details.

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